Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

my sweet thirteen may :)

Senin, 09 Mei 2011

new style of me

I know, its not good enough..
I just use my phone camera :'( pity me..
hope you like it :)

iseng XD

I got it from my friend, Istimurti Ciptaningrum. I really love Teddy Bear, hhe..

I bought this watch with my friend, Syahri Choirrini :)

I love this cardreader!! hhe..
is it like my face when I laugh ?? xoxoxo
and I love who was accompany me bought it! hhe :P
*seneng deh yg ngerasa.. hha

  I got it from my friend, Desy Laelasari. I love HIPPO :D

I got a new friend-2 :)

here we go!!

 hope u like it :)

cute, I think..

do you like it ?
 my mother sell it in our small shop :)
and if u like it,, u can order to me ! xoxo..

you can use it when u attend any wedding party of your friends, etc.. hhe

Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

I got a new friend :)


I got a new friend,, her name is Mellyana Agustina,, and I call her with mell :)

nice to know u more, mell :)
as you know, she is my best friends girl friend, Andhira Alif Pratama .. xoxoxo

check our activity together !


and we bought a same cute sandals, with low price ! hhi :p

thanks for edit these picture, mell :)

hope I can meet u again in another time :) hhe
see u, mell,,