Senin, 28 Februari 2011

penyimpangan yang (menurut pribadi) positif

so many things that we can do in the class, and so many reasons for do anything that we can do.
doing a task from the teacher, make a slide for a precentation infront of our classmate, sing a song with them, etc.. 

if no teacher in the class,
if I feel bored with the lessons,
if I feel sleepy in the class,,
I always do this!

rabbani's veil, senior high school uniform, G4 cardigans

that's pict I take in my class - twelve social class in Cahaya Madani Banten Boarding School

and, this when I folow additional lesson in Nurul Fikri - Bimbingan dan Konsultasi Belajar

rabbani's veil, kanya grey shirt, semi jeans skirt, G4 cardigans, amanda jeans sandal

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