Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

finally !!!!

hooaaa.. finally i can breath again, even it just a moment .. ckckckck..

I'm a student, 12th grade in Senior High School of CMBBS,
I really happy when I know today is the last day for many school examination,,
check, what I have do for 2 months ago..

Dormitory Examination (checked)
Practice of Dormitory Examination (checked)
National Examination from school (checked)
Practice National Examination (checked)
School Examination (checked)

and NEXT....

National Examination on 18th of April 2011


SNMPTN 2011 on 31st of May 2011 - 1st June 2011

it's my busy time !!! hhohho..

once more i have to memorize 3 'surat' from my holy book, Al-Qur'an..
QS. As-Sajdah
QS. Luqman
QS. Ad-Dukhan

and I have just one 'surat' that i memorize it well.. pity me.. hha

pray..pray..pray.. :)

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